Task : That we Do?

Energy is the most basic need of any organism. We are exploiting all possible resources available to fulfill our ever increasing demand. There is an acute need of solutions through which we could fulfill our demands without relentlessly harming our environment.
Task EN 01 Points: 20
Go to the sites where renewable sources are in use and prepare a case study.
Prepare a proper report of the procedure followed. Calculate the energy savings achieved due to the usage of renewable compared to the usage if it was non-renewable.
Submit proper photos with your team during the site visits.
Submit video of the site and interviewing at least 2 officials on the site working on the site. The site should not be the part of college campus.
Task EN 02 Points: 20
Select an energy resource/ raw material which can be used as an alternative for petrol and state logical reasons.
Submit a document comparing the positives and negatives of the alternate source which you think is the best usage and the scope of practical application in India. Mention proper references for full credit.
Task EN 03 Points: 20
Write an article on environment issue/ publish the article given by us in the campus magazine.
Documentation should have complete article, written interdependently, with references mentioned.
Photos of the published article.
Task EN 04 Points: 20
A no lights hour in the campus: hostel etc. (except emergency lights) modeled along the lines of Earth
Submit photos showing covered area under the task.
A 10 min video covering a good amount of area during the hour.
Task EN 05 Points: 30
Replace atleast 20 incandescent light bulbs in one full block or department of your campus. Calculate energy savings and make the report public.
Submit a report on how the task is executed. Attach if any official procedure involved and the bills of the newly bought ones.
Submit photos of the replaced ones in the places where there are more number of bulbs and lights involved. Both before and after the change.
Submit a 2 min video covering a good amount of area in the block/department showing the change.
Task EN 06 Points: 30
Analyze your college electricity bill and find ways to reduce the expenditure.
Analyze your electricity bill and the usage and try to reduce it to make it the most energy efficient. Make a tabulation of previous usage analysis of a power consuming source and the possible best usage for it.
Submit photos of major appliances and copies of electricity bills.
Task EN 07 Points: 30
Prepare a write up on all interesting energy conservation campaigns in the last decade and state how their ideas can be implemented today.
Documentation with proper references, including a report of your views and the ideas which can be implemented from institute level itself.
Task EN 08 Points: 30
Think on how the structure of vehicles can affect the average output they give and try to overcome the drawbacks by presenting innovative ideas.
Documentation of your ideas stating the reasons with proper references.
Photos of the vehicles analyzed and their modified design.
Task EN 09 Points: 30
Analyze the biogas plants near to you, their usage and potential
Documentation containing detailed report about the analysis and suggest alternatives or improvements if any
Submit photos of biogas plant showing your visit.
Task EN 10 Points: 30
Energy audit of a small industry/campus.
Complete energy audit in detailed report.
Submit photos of the campus/industry during the visit.
Task EN 11 Points: 50
Prepare a food product using solar based devices and compare it with the normal energy resources used.
General documentation of the used products and equipment used. Comparison of the report of the two different modes of preparation of food.
Submit some pictures taken while the procedure is being done.
Task EN 12 Points: 50
Prepare a study on how you can minimize the fuel expenditure in your area/ neighborhood by
improvising on the transport system.
Prepare a report about the alternative transport systems with proper references.
If you have visited and analyzed live situations, take pictures of those and present a report on this to make it more like an interactive survey and form a report on this.
Task EN 13 Points: 60
Draw (10) and implement (50) the features of green architecture in your workplace/house.
Submit general report of the implemented technique and advantages from that.
Submit pictures of the implemented technique gradually varying before, during and after the process.
Task EN 14 Points: 10+60
a. Suggest various renewable energy power sources for some or all of your campus b. Execution of the best possible alternate renewable energy source (Min capacity 1.5 KW)
Submit the proofs of the official procedure involved and any important person of your campus involved. Details of the installation and number of locations.
Submit the pictures of the installed systems
Submit a simple 2 min video of working procedure of any of the system. During execution, continuous monitoring and updated videos should be sent.
Task EN 15 Points: 80
Organize a Lecture on Nuclear power in India followed by a debate on the same topic.
Submit a report for the event giving detailed description of the topics covered during the lecture and the debate with its conclusion.
Submit photos showing the lecture and turnout (population) for the debate.
A 2 min video for every part of the task.
Task EN 16 Points: 10+90
a. Establish energy conservation council in your institution approved by administration b. State your short term and long term plans, execute any one of them.
Submit approval copy and report showing the policies and plans (Both short term and long term) of the council.
Photos of execution of plan should be submitted.
Submit 2-3 min video of plan during execution.
Task EN 17 Points: 50+20+50
a. Calculate the energy consumption pattern of your campus
b. Make an improved and efficient alternate energy plan for an entire college
c. 20% (in terms of KW/MW) execution of the alternate energy plan submitted
Make an alternate energy plan of the whole campus involving minimum energy usage in every part of the college or campus. It will not depend on the size of the campus but the efficiency of the energy usage that could be achieved if this is implemented. Get a letter signed by the faculty who helped you in doing this if any. Scanned copy of the authorized document, supporting to the tasks
Submit photos of places you covered for your study.
Task EN 18 Points: 150
Install energy conserving/monitoring gadgets/appliance like sensors or timers in at least 20 appliances/ equipment.
Detailed report containing all the information about the conserved/monitored gadgets and appliances, you have used. You have to install sensors or timers separately for the completion of task.
Submit at least 3 photos in different states showing the working of task given.
Video: Video showing the working of installations.
Climate and Air
The deterioration in the quality of air we breathe and the erratic climate patterns has had catastrophic implications on natural flora and fauna including humans. There is an immediate need of solutions and planning to prevent this condition from becoming a catastrophe.
Task CA 01 Points: 10 Come up with a practical solution for Ozone depletion.
Submit a report with proper references.
The solution in the report should be implementable.
Task CA 02 Points: 10
Prepare study on ways to reduce emissions of specific industry.
Submit a report with proper references and brief information about the industry you have studied.
Task CA 03 Points: 20
Try to create awareness about the open burning of waste. Ex: through pamphlets, posters and rallies, stickers or any online method.
Explain briefly your initiatives taken in this direction
Submit photos showing your methods to make people aware about burning of waste in open.
Task CA 04 Points: 20
Prepare a study on CNG based vehicles and their advantages and disadvantages.
Submit a report with proper references. (At least 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages).
Task CA 05 Points: 20
Study the recent issues in climate change on global scale.
Report, briefly explaining these issues, their effects, should be submitted with proper references.
Task CA 06 Points: 30
Find out the time where there is a peak movement of vehicles in your college. Analyze and suggest alternatives to combat this traffic problem.
A detailed report containing analysis and alternatives for the traffic problem.
Submit a 1 min video showing the peak of traffic.
Task CA 07 Points: 40
Coordinate with NGOs to find out the work currently being done in your city to reduce harmful emissions.
Detailed Report mentioning the name of NGO and the persons involved in this and
The work currently being done by then and what is planned in the future
Photo: Submit 3 photos of students talking to the NGO people.
Task CA 08 Points: 50
Prepare a report on the climate related summits held at the national and international level to create awareness amongst the masses
Doc: A report explaining the climate summits (at least 2 at national and 2 at international), their objectives, the topics discussed in them and the conclusion that came out and the methods adopted by you to create the awareness. Photos: Submit photos showing your methods adopted to make people aware about these climate summits
Task CA 09 Points: 50
Give a detailed report of carbon audit/footprint of your organization. Organization may be hostel, a
department or an entire college
Report explaining the methodology adopted for the carbon audit. Marks will be allocated on the basis of parameters included and the efficiency with which the task has been done.
Task CA 10 Points: 20+30
a. Study the climate change in your city in the last two decades b. Suggest action plan to combat the same.
A report showing the changes in the last 2 decades.
Change may be depicted through weather variations i.e. temperature, rainfall, vegetation. The sources for the study must be clearly mentioned.
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_change
A doc explaining the combat plan which included the actions that must be taken in your city to counter
The negative effects of climate change (total 10 and points will be given on the basis of innovative ideas)
Task CA 11 Points: 70+30+30+30
Analyze various pollutants from CNG (70), Diesel (30), Petrol (30) and LPG (30) powered engine/vehicle.
Detailed reports containing the analysis each type of vehicle separately. For that experiments need to be done.
Report should contain enough photos showing fuel engine and the experimental setups used.
Supplementary videos to your report for each type of fuel.
Sustainability is being considered the ultimate solution to our current problems. It’s high time we realize the need to set limits and regulate the use of natural resources to ensure safe existence of our coming generations without hindering our growth and development.
Task SB 01 Points: 20
Prepare a case study on rain water harvesting and suggest ways of implementing in your locality.
Prepare a report covering various physical, social and environmental conditions in your locality and methods through which rain water harvesting can be implemented in your locality, also analyze economic feasibility and other criteria for the possibility of this.
Task SB 02 Points: 30
Project a picture of your campus 20 years from now, focusing on changes in the land under trees, compared to land with buildings. And suggest how to improve this long term picture with logic.
Report suggesting changes that may take place on basis of current trends, modern practices that may arrive in future or may be applied in your campus. Also mention changes and trends that have taken place on your campus in past few years or are being worked out
Submit photos showing changes that have happened in past few years and are under progress to supplement and add to the report.
Task SB 03 Points: 50
Give a sustainable solution to combat the problem of Noise Pollution.
Analyze various sources of noise pollution and prepare a detailed report evaluating the various alternatives for the problem, finally selecting one sustainable alternative. Report the experimentation part of the selected alternative supporting the solution provided.
Task SB 04 Points: 50+10+20+20
a) Develop a utility product that appeals to the need of the general public.
b) Prepare a report on its advantages on its existing counterpart.
c) Show the Pay-back value of the product and its commercial value.
d) Publicize its use on social networking sites.
A detailed document explaining motivation, application, materials involved, manufacturing process/machinery involved, advantages, the cost involved and how can it be made commercial.
Submit the link where you have publicized the product.
Submit photo of the product, the photos must be very detailed showing various components.
Task SB 05 Points: 200
Find out a sustainable solution for tackling the problem of Oil Spills. Do the necessary experimentation part to support the solution given.
Prepare a detailed report evaluating the various alternatives for the problem and finally selecting one sustainable alternative. Report the experimentation part of the selected alternative supporting the solution provided. Preference would be given to an innovative solution.
Submit a 2 min video showing the effectiveness of the solution provided if it can be applied practically. Points will be given even if the tasks is not completed in the time frame but honest efforts have been put up to do so.
Social Outreach
Making the planet greener, moving towards sustainability, saving the planet - these are mammoth responsibilities which cannot be carried forward by an individual. To save our planet the efforts should be from our entire community and there should be a collective initiative.
Task SO 01 Points: 20
Speak in front of one of your classes about the TGCC; recruit volunteers.
Brief document (where, what you spoke).
Excel sheet with contact details of recruited students (about 10) in it.
Submit photos showing the number of people attending.
Submit the video of a person talking regarding the challenge.
Task SO 02 Points: 20
Organize a speech by a notable speaker/local environmentalist on any environmental issue.
Report containing Profile of the speaker should be submitted and summary of the speech.
Submit a 1 minute part of the session.
Task SO 03 Points: 20
Interview at least 1 person who is working for the environment in your city.
Report containing profile of the person interviewed and the Q&A’s of the interview
Submit a video (about 2 minute) showing the most important questions asked.
Task SO 04 Points: 10+ 20
a) Organize a quiz on any environmental issue in a classroom.
b) Organize a group discussion on the same issue.
A scanned copy of the question set and excel sheet with details of registered
Students (About 20) in it.
Submit a 2 min video of the Group discussion.
Task SO 05 Points: 30
Organize a debate, in collaboration with the debate club on some contentious issues like Kyoto protocol, use of Hydrogen as fuel etc.
Report containing the topic of debate, discussions that took place. An excel sheet with the contact details of all members (Minimum 10).
Submit a 2 minute video of the debate.
Task SO 06 Points: 70
Collaborate with Public Health Office / Local Municipal Corporation to organize a ‘Clean Day’ and motivate groups within your college to volunteer for cleaning of any area in the city / campus, collecting of waste and its segregation and publicize this effort.
Detailed report of your efforts regarding the task with all problems faced by your group mentioned.
Excel sheet containing contact details of students, who volunteered as well as approval letter from the municipal corporation should be submitted.
Supplementary Photos (at least 10 different Photos) showing students volunteering for cleaning the area and the publicity done.
Submit a 3 min video showing the Students volunteering for cleaning the area.
Task SO 07 Points: 80
Conduct a Scavenger Hunt with Green and sustainability theme among the freshmen/entire college
(minimum 15 participant teams)
Report containing event details of Scavenger hunt conducted.
Scanned document of the questionnaire/task.
Contact details of participant teams in an excel sheet.
10 different photos should be submitted of teams collecting the items
Submit a 2 minute video of the scavenger hunt of the items collected by all the teams in the end of the hunt.
In case the there is no turnout of 15 teams but honest efforts have been put , partial marks will be awarded.
Task SO 08 Points: 150
1. Set up a Green Club with at least 20 initial members and a core team in the college.
2. If already existing, show the activities of the past of the green club and do a task given by us.
1 .Report containing names of 20 initial members as well as approval letter should be submitted clearly showing the date of formation of green club, its core team.
Also a plan of action of activities that you would be doing to promote greenery in your college
2. Report showing your past activities, if any.
Submit videos of the task completed
Submit photos of the tasks completed. (Submit sufficient number of photos showing each task separately)
Task SO 09 Points: 200
Organize a green march/run in your city.
Report containing the names of the members taking part in the march and the distance, duration of the march. Include if any media coverage is involved and attach media articles from the local newspaper regarding the task. You can collaborate with other participating colleges from your city and organize a bigger event.
Photos showing the participation and the starting, ending points.
Submit a video (2 min) showing the run.
Going Green has taken bigger dimensions than ever. It is not just about planting trees, it’s about establishing a balance among the complex cycles of nature, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air, preserving habitats of various bio diversities and much more. The greener the planet the safer it would be.
Task GR 01 Points: 30
Enlist the green jobs that can be related to departments present in your college (eg. green architect of architecture dept.) and prepare a write up department wise and post it on department's notice board as a poster
A detailed report containing green jobs for each department in your college.
Photos showing the Write-up poster of each department's notice board.
Task GR 02 Points: 30
Determine the number of trees in your campus and plant atleast 10 new plants along with them.
Report containing details about all your efforts regarding the task. Usually the trees of many places are numbered.
Confirmation letter from college/institutes should be submitted.
Photos during your task should be submitted. (5-10 photos).
Task GR 03 Points: 30 Organize cycle rally for spreading Environmental friendly Drives (Minimum 20 people and 3 km rally should be there.)
Approval letter (If necessary) for rally.
Report of the rally clearing mentioning causes covered.
A minimum of 5 Photos showing the scale of the rally.
5 Minutes video during the rally should be submitted.
Task GR 04 Points: 50
Interview at least 3 people working in clean energy or green economy sectors about their experiences and write a report on your findings.
Detailed document (Name of the people interviewed, their designation, brief summary on their work, questions asked and their replies),
1 min video recorded while interviewing each.
Task GR 05 Points: 60
Make a short film on Greenhouse effect problem and get 50 Shares to the video on Facebook (college fb page)
3 minutes video/link of the video should be submitted and
Link confirming 50 shares should be sent.
Task GR 06 Points: 200
Manufacture a machine for making paper/cloth bags or for recycling paper.
Submit regular (monthly) the progress report of the project with future plan of action in details.
Photos during the Manufacturing process taken Time to time, showing the progress of the Project.
Minimum 5 videos showing 5 different stages of the project. Each video must be at least 2 minutes long each.
Food represents the most basic need of humans which defines the mere existence of an individual and his contribution to the society. There is need to achieve food sustainability to fulfill demands of out bursting population. Food sustainability thus becomes indispensable.
Task FO 01 Points: 20
Study how chemicals used to prepare food /ripen fruits can harm the environment.
Detailed report covering your study about the task should be submitted
Task FO 02 Points: 20
Make a comparative study between plants/fruits grown by organic methods and chemical methods.
Detailed report about your study of both the methods including advantages and disadvantages of each type of methods.
Photos showing the locations of your study for each type of method given in the task.
2 separate videos (Minimum 3 minutes) during your study of the each type of method
Task FO 03 Points: 30
Visit a farm and study how the type of plantation (water intensive or not) in an area affects the environment.
Detailed report covering your study about the task should be submitted.
Photos showing the location and supporting the task.
Video clearly showing the type of plantation in it.
Task FO 04 Points: 30
Put posters in your mess/canteens/restaurant and similar places for food wastage and apply some policy
to reduce food waste.
Report covering the main reasons of food wastage of the area you studied.
Supplementary Photos to your task showing the area you have studied should be submitted.
Task FO 05 Points: 30
Zero food wastage awareness drive for a period of 2 days
Approval letter of the concerned person.
Report having detailed plan for the task.
Separate photos for each day showing the awareness drive.
About 5 Minutes Video recorded at peak time of the drive.
Task FO 06 Points: 70
Implement Vermi-composting in your locality/campus.
Approval letter of the concerned person.
Detailed Report about your study of implementing vermicomposting.
Photos of different stages during your task completion.
Videos of vermicomposting plant implemented by your team.
Task FO 07 Points: 100
Plant a campus organic garden to use as a food source.
Approval letter of the concerned person.
Detailed report about the development of the organic garden.
Photos (showing growth and development) of the organic garden.
Minimum 3 videos each of 1-2 minutes showing different stages of development of the organic Garden should be submitted.
Task FO 08 Points: 200
Create and promote an organic fertilizer from compost and waste in your locality and estimate how it can be prepared and used economically.
Approval letter of the concerned person.
Detailed report containing detailed study, procedure, quantity and quality analysis, promotion strategies etc. for the organic fertilizer you want to promote.
Photos of the each stage of your work showing your efforts with description for each photo.
Number of videos for each important stage supporting your efforts for creating and promoting the organic fertilizer should be submitted.
With new products and consumables being produced every day, modernization in society and availability of everything as packed materials, amount of waste generated has risen to alarming levels. We need to find alternates and serious steps to curb this condition.
Task WA 01 Points: 20
Prepare a plan to make your campus zero waste.
Identify areas generating large waste like canteen, mess etc. and then find solutions to eliminate them or minimize them in the end trying to make your campus zero waste, you can come up with very innovative and revolutionary ideas in this report.
Photos of various high waste areas and pointing out the proposed ways to tackle waste in those regions
Task WA 02 Points: 20
Prepare a study on waste disposal dumps for your locality.
Documentation explaining the disposal system of waste in various localities of your city, the flow of waste from houses to final waste dumping facility of your city, waste dumps put, different dumps on basis of degradability and recyclability.
Showing local dumps and how they are transported (of the vehicle)
Task WA 03 Points: 20
Identify the best way to dispose of medical waste and present a report
Report suggesting ways to tackle medical waste in your region covering various regions where large amount of waste is generated e.g. Hospitals; you can suggest new ways other than the conventional ones
Task WA 04 Points: 30
Make a documentation of your local recycling facility.
Report explaining working, equipment, capacity, load, financial analysis, where the recycled product goes and any other aspect you feel is imp. The better the report more will be your marks
Photos of entrance of facility, of various important equipment, waste to be recycled etc.
Task WA 05 Points: 30
Do an awareness campaign in your college on the topic of ELECTRONIC WASTE.
Explain briefly your initiatives taken in this direction
Showing your practical applications where you tried to aware people about electronic waste, like by posters, stickers, flyers etc.
Task WA 06 Points: 30
Visit a biogas plant in your neighborhood and prepare a report on the same.
A report on the biogas plant stating the sources of bio waste/material used in the plant, area
And various technical specifications of the plant. Also comment on the possibility of setting up of such plants in urban areas and common localities in cities/towns
Photos of the plant, internal chambers/sections, outlet and inlet openings/pipes/valves
Task WA 07 Points: 50
Identify a waste area in your city like paper waste, dry vegetable waste, litter etc. and prepare a proper management plan for it.
Prepare a detailed report proposing a management plan which would involve localities and administrative authorities and bring waste to a minimum.
Identify the areas and take their photos, specifically of those areas where there is no proper management.
Task WA 08 Points: 60
Prepare detailed report on yours city disposal system i.e., how the municipal corporation in your city works
Doc: A detailed report about the working of city disposal system, how the waste is separated, transported, recycled, budget allocated, corporation organizational structure and other aspects
Photo: Photos showing the sight visit for understanding of city disposal system.
Video: Two 40 sec videos showing different working aspects of the municipal corporation you have studied.
Task WA 09 Points: 100
Complete an audit of waste on campus
Report explaining amount of waste generated, recyclable or no biodegradable, where is it dumped, authority involved in this. What help is extended by college administration. What can you do to acquire better efficiency on student level?
Task WA 10 Points: 100
Implement a model of waste management for a small department on campus
Evaluation of waste generated in the department its sources and how you could deal with it with minimum resources and cheap methods and techniques. Produce a letter from faculty identifying your measures to tackle waste.
Submit photos of various areas in the department before and after management techniques were applied.
Task WA 11 Points: 150
Put separate dustbins for recyclable and non-recyclable dustbins in your college, with color codes.
Report stating locations where dustbins have been set up, cost involved, permission letters from college
Submit photos of at least 5 different locations of your campus where dustbins have been setup. More points will be awarded with more locations. Send all the pictures to get more credit.
Task WA 12 Points: 200
Renovate an unused waste area/dump to provide aesthetic value to the region. (Ex: A swamp can be renovated into a pond)
This is an intensive task, submit a documentation stating your plan of action, time taken, activities done, administrative authorities involved, official paperwork scanned copies, number of people involved, resources utilized and their source and any other info you find relevant to make your submission more credible and thorough.
Photos of the location before and after renovation, photos showing work being done on the location.
Task WA 13 Points: 200
Collect maximum amount of recyclable material and submit it in your local recycling plant.
Report stating amount and Type of waste collected, time for which waste was collected, how you publicized and created enthusiasm among college students to deposit maximum amount of waste, where it was recycled, an official letter from recycling facility stating total amount of waste you have deposited to them in the total time span of this event.
Submit the pictures of locations where you collected this waste, of the recycling facility where you got this waste recycled.
Bio diversity and Land Management
One of the gravest issues we deal with is deterioration of biodiversity and land. Co-existence is basic phenomena and land the most basic resource.
Task BL 01 Points:10
Write report on endangered/extinct species in India .One of the gravest issues we deal with is deterioration of existing biodiversity and land. Number of species going extinct in last century is alarming. There has been no such time in history when so much damage has been done to biodiversity and land
Report with proper references should be submitted
Task BL 02 Points: 30
Develop an action plan for improving local biodiversity
Plan of action should be implementable & described thoroughly in the Report.
Task BL 03 Points: 50
Understand and document the biodiversity of the area where the campus is located or any nearby area
Complete Documentation of the Bio diversity of mentioned area.
Photos taken while working on this, like the nearby area.
Submit a video of actions/steps taken in the process.
Task BL 04 Points: 50
Identify and suggest changes in land management issues in nearby area. Submit report to local government body and to us.
Documentation having complete details about the project you have completed.
Scanned copy of the certificate/confirmation letter from the local body.
Task BL 05 Points: 50
Arrange a Talk/ Lecture on Land Management Issue in your institute/college
At least 30 people should attend the talk/lecture.
Report containing all the details/conclusions of the talk/lecture.
Minimum of 5 photos of during speech showing the audience clearly.
Video of 5 minutes part of the speech should be submitted.
Task BL 06 Points: 70
Set up an animal/bird (Security dog shelter not allowed) shelter and feeding area within campus like kabutarkhana in Mumbai.
Approval letter from campus authority for the task.
Report containing all the efforts you have put for the task.
Photos showing the completed task.
A 5 minutes video during any stage of the task.
Task BL 07 Points: 100
Do a project on establishing links with local NGOs and similar institutions working on flora and fauna related issues.
Documentation involving the complete procedure for the linking, with the Basic Info about that NGO/institution (establishing date, registration no. etc).Official Document required from your institute with the signature of authority (Dean/Principal). Documentation for at least one project done with that particular NGO/institute. Photos and videos for the same should be sent
Task BL 08 Points: 150
Identify a natural resource in your city which has been lost/ on verge of being used up (e.g. a local river,
forest) and take some action to replenish/ conserve it.
Official document for the whole Problem Statement with supplementary photos. Explain the whole plan of action to replenish/conserve that natural resource. And also description of all the work with the proof supporting your work. (Official permission letter for your work, photos)
Task BL 09 Points: 150+50
a) Study change in biodiversity for an area (time frame-at least last decade) and predict the further change.
b) Publishing in the magazine/newspaper and create awareness amongst the masses
Complete report in PDF/DOC format should be submitted with proper references.
Scanned copy of the Magazine/Newspaper page showing the published article about the task
A minimum of 15 photos of the area studied.
Video of the studied area should be submitted. Self-explanatory video will yield more credit.
It’s ironic how the majority of planet is water but there are countries in the world where water is the scarcest natural resource. With the increase in wastage and level of pollution, the condition has worsened. We desperately need solutions to deal with this situation.
Task WT 01 Points: 20
Suggest innovative measures to reduce water wastage in campus
Doc: Report suggesting innovative ways to reduce water wastage, methods that you propose for various water wastage areas in your campus (area specific suggestions). The methods should be suggested keeping in mind the infrastructural and natural constraints (region dependent), mention these constraints also while suggesting.
Task WT 02 Points: 30
Audit the water consumption on your campus and identify the sources (where the water comes from)
Report containing an audit, stating and explaining water source, distribution system, high consumption areas in the campus, highest wastage area, total population involved, purification method used, also mention the capacity and availability of water recycling/conservation facilities if installed on campus
Task WT 03 Points: 40
Host an awareness day related to water conservation
A report providing information about the activities conducted and their scale, population targeted, methods used for awareness.
Photos of events/activities conducted, at least 5 photos must be submitted
Task WT 04 Points: 50
Using stickers, signs and other awareness tools like posters, generate a way to make reminders in high water usage areas to reduce water wastage
Report stating the criteria for choosing the high water usage area, its water consumption, location of the area, people using the water, methods of awareness and rough estimate of drop in water consumption after awareness.
Photos of the stickers, signs or other awareness tools used, locations where they have been put up, submit at least 10 photos. You can utilize the resources provided in the resources section.
Task WT 05 Points: 70
Plan how an ideal sewage system should be to ensure low maintenance cost and maximum efficiency along with minimum impact on waste disposal channels such as sea, rivers etc. For household water
The plan should be suggested as per your region and the water body. The local waste is finally dumped into a pond, river, sea etc. Include an analysis on installation and maintenance costs, efficiency, pollution occurring due to dumping, technical and social (e.g. approval from masses, authorities etc.) aspects of the plan. Part of authorities and level of involvement required.
Task WT 06 Points: 100
Design an ideal plan to remove the water pollution problems in your nearest water reservoir.
Report including specifications of the reservoir: capacity, source of water, authority maintaining it, area, population which receives its requirement from its water, water levels at various point of time in the year, sources of pollution, areas contributing to the pollution, problems arising due to pollution, suggestions to check pollution, and a proper plan of action incorporating all the above mentioned criterion, funds and resources required, permissions and authorities required
Photos of the reservoir, and a part of it where water is highly polluted and the pollutant is getting discharged into the reservoir.
Task WT 07 Points: 150
Implement water harvesting Plan at hostel level/department level.
This is an activity intensive task, submit a documentation stating your plan of action, time taken, techniques implemented, description of equipment involved, administrative authorities involved,
Official paperwork scanned copies, estimate of amount of water harvested
Over a certain period of time, number of people involved, resources utilized and their source and any other info you find relevant to make your submission more credible and thorough.
Photos of equipment, area, storage etc. involved in the water harvesting implementation and functioning.
Task WT 08 Points: 20+150
a. Suggest ways to recycle waste water.
b. Execution
1) Submit a report stating ways of recycling water in your campus; mention the locations where you would suggest applying these suggestions in the campus. Also provide a rough estimate of volume of water that would be recycled for each of the techniques suggested.
2) This is an intensive task, submit a documentation stating your
Plan of action, time taken, techniques implemented, description of equipment involved, and administrative authorities involved, official paperwork scanned copies, estimate of amount of water recycled over a certain period of time, number of people involved, resources utilized and their source and any other info you find relevant to make your submission more credible and thorough.
Photos of areas where the suggested techniques have been implemented, photos of equipment installed (if any)
Task WT 09 Points: 200
Install any of the large scale water saving techniques like dual flush toilet, hot water recirculation or anything else which could conserve/reuse water on a large scale apart from Task no 4 and 6. Points will be given even if the projects are not completed in the time frame but honest efforts have been put up to do so.
This is an intensive task, submit a documentation stating your plan of action, time taken, techniques
implemented, description of equipment involved, administrative authorities involved, official paperwork scanned copies, estimate of amount of water saved over a certain period of time, number of people involved, resources utilized and their source and any other info you find relevant to make your report more credible and thorough.
Photos of equipment, area, storage etc. involved in the implementation and functioning of the technique
A self-explanatory video about the executed task which can also depict your efforts.
Social Media and Collaboration
With such a responsible task of making the planet better place to live, there is no way through which an individual could achieve this. The message needs to be spread among masses for which media is one of the most primary ways to involve everyone in saving our planet.
Task SM 01 Points: 30
Prepare a large poster containing comments and views of people on environmental issues and put it up at a suitable location.
Photos of the poster posted on a notice board or a suitable location, also in the mail write the location where it has been pasted (e.g. open theatre etc.)Size of poster should be at least 6*4, design the poster appropriately to make it attractive
Task SM 02 Points: 40
Start a blog of your team describing what you are doing.
Send the link of your blog, name and details of people writing the blog. It must contain at least 2 blogs at the time of submission
Task SM 03 Points: 50
Make a short film on the need for green initiative and publish it in any social networking site and get 150 views
Send the link of the webpage of your movie and also send the source file (if editing has been done) of the movie attached in the mail, also mention the soft wares used if any for editing
Task SM 04 Points: 60
Build public pages of your TGCC team on social websites likes Facebook and Twitter and get 100 fans or
followers at least.
Doc: Send the link of your facebook page and twitter, also through this page of yours like/follow the Techfest Green Campus Challenge Facebook page/twitter and the facebook pages/twitter of other teams participating in the event whose pages link could be accessed through Facebook page of TGCC. The marks will be allotted as per the number of followers at the time of submission. Partial marks would also be awarded depending upon the followers. Full points would be assigned only if the respective team post the updates of any 2 medium tasks taken by them on the page .Here the update doesn't mean just the name of the task the team is performing but the 5-6 lines which shows their efforts towards these 2 tasks. Also ensure that the Official Techfest page is liked/followed by the page and the members in it.
Link to Techfest Official page: www.facebook.com/techfest.iitb
Link to Official Twitter page: www.twitter.com/Techfest_IITB
Task SM 05 Points: 60
Conduct a survey on various environmental issues and prepare a report analyzing the issue and comments
Submit the questionnaire and the study made on the basis of response of the people, also specify the topic of interest for which the questionnaire was intended, the same will be the topic for the study made afterwards
Task SM 06 Points: 70
Write a formal letter to the editor of a local newspaper and get an article under your college's name stating your efforts to make your college more eco-friendly and sustainable through this event and set an example for others.
Send a copy of the letter sent to the editor, send a scanned copy of the article and mention the name of the newspaper, date of publishing, if available send the link for the e-paper of that issue of the newspaper.
Showing a) only the article b) showing the entire page of newspaper on which article has been published and circle the area where the article has appeared on the page.
Task SM 07 Points: 100
Get an article printed in the Local Newspaper about the Techfest Green initiative Doc:
Send a scanned copy of the article and mention the name of newspaper, date of publishing, if available send the link for the e-paper of that issue of the newspaper
Showing a) only the article b) showing the entire page of newspaper on which article has been published and circle our the area where the article has appeared on the page
Task SM 08 Points: 150
Get more than 800 followers on social networking websites. (theme green and environment)
The link of the Facebook page/ name of the account stating that your page/account has more than 800 likes/followers. Also ensure that the Official Techfest page is liked/followed by the page and the members in it.
Link to Techfest Official page: www.facebook.com/techfest.iitb
Link to Official Twitter page: www.twitter.com/Techfest_IITB
Design and Creatives
Visual impact is incomparable to any other form of communication to masses. It's very important that people realize the importance of making planet more sustainable and greener. It is the best way to outreach people and involve more and more people into the cause.
Task DC 01 Points: 20
Slogans for environment/green themes
Showing significance/justification of the slogan and can be a scanned copy or offline document.
Task DC 02 Points: 40
Organize a T-shirt making competition in your campus using organic colors
Detailed report showing the colors used, how you get them,
Of the competition also a video regarding the same aspect (making of T-shirt)
Task DC 03 Points: 50
Organize a poster making competition in your institute with at least 30 entries on Environment and Green theme
Partial marking on the basis of number of participants.
Excel sheet with the contact details of the participants should be submitted.
Photos of the competition showing the winning entries should be submitted
A video of 1 min showing the competition should be submitted.
Task DC 04 Points: 50+150
a. Draw some blueprints of models of structures or ideas related to clean energy. b. Create a working model on blue print.
A Scanned copy of the Blue print should be submitted. Marks depend on the model presented and also on its feasibility and utility.


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